5 Reasons why you NEED an Aquarium RIGHT NOW!

Aquariums have been doing a marvelous job at glamorizing living and working spaces going as far back as the 19th century.
Vibrantly colored fish swimming around elegantly in a fish tank can have a very tranquilizing effect on our senses.
To top it off, A fish tank requires relatively little maintenance and space as compared to other common pets such as dogs and cats.
Need more convincing? Keep reading then.

Down below are 5 Reasons why you NEED to setup an Aquarium like, Yesterday!


1.Stress Management

Increasing stress levels have become a part and parcel of everyday life in this hectic era.
As much as it is inevitable, There are still ways to keep it all at bay. One of them being Aquariums.
The therapeutic effects that an Aquarium can have on our psyche is undeniable.

Many studies by researchers have shown to substantially stabilize a person’s heart rate and blood pressure when gazing at an aquarium.
A fish tank is also a great natural remedy for anxiety.

Many hospitals and veterinary clinics keep Aquariums for their evidently calming properties.

In a work setting, These reduced stress levels can lead to a a morale boost and increased productivity among the employees.


2. Great learning opportunity for kids and adults alike

Curiosity is the cornerstone of childhood. The process of setting up an aquarium and caring for the fish can prove to be great opportunity to satiate your children’s curiosity through learning.
You and your kids will get to learn valuable lessons about Biology, Chemistry, Vocabulary, Animal behavior and so much more.
Your children will develop a sense of responsibility by caring for the fish and maintaining the Aquarium.


3. Aesthetic Decor

The art of Fishkeeping allows you to bring a serene piece of nature inside a Home,Office, Hotel, Clinic, etc.
Aquariums have to the ability to become the focal point in any room.
At home, One can become your pride and joy among your family and friends.
Incorporate an aquatic setup or two in your restaurant, bar, pub, etc and just watch patrons from all over the town flock to your establishment.

4. Low space-friendly

Space constraint? Worry not. A beginner can start with little as a (Minimum recommended) 20 gallon, given they have done their due prior research.
You can even setup a nano aquarium later when you have gathered enough fishkeeping experience.
Besides, If you are renting, Most landlords who have a problem with you keeping a dog or a cat won’t mind an Aquarium.

4. Low maintenance

An Aquarium is relatively low maintenance as compared to other common pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.
Fish don’t need to be walked and they’ll never leave surprise goodies all around your home.
What they do require though is pristine water conditions.
You can easily achieve that by buying the best filter, appropriate for your tank’s size, Which takes care of the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.
Other than that, Weekly/bi-weekly partial water changes and monthly filter cleaning are required.
Lastly, You need to spare a couple of minutes every day to feed the livestock.


5. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra

If these Asian traditional beliefs are your cup of tea, You will be glad to know that Fishkeeping has a great significance in both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of laying out your furniture and other items to balance out the harmony with the energies.
The perfect placement of an aquarium in your house/workplace is said to bring you good fortune, wealth and health in abundance.


As per Feng Shui, The best area to place your aquarium is said to be in the Southeast area (for wealth) followed by North (career) or East (health and family).
However placing an aquarium in your bedroom or in your kitchen is to be avoided if you want to steer clear of unwanted energies.

Arowanas, Kois and Goldfishes are said to bring about the most wealth and prosperity.

Image source

Similarly, Vastu Shastra, which literally translates to “science of architecture” could be called the Indian counterpart of Feng Shui.
Abiding by the principles of this Vedic tradition is said to ward off any evil spirits and get your home brimming with positive energy.
Feeding the fishes adds up to your positive karma.
Vastu Shastra advises you to place the aquarium in the living area of your home (The Reception area, in case of an office). This triggers a rippling effect of positive energy in all directions from this central location.

In conclusion, Fishkeeping has a multitude of perks ranging from aesthetics to health benefits, learning experiences, Compatibility with traditional beliefs and much more.

So what are you waiting for?

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